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The Engine Rebuilding Professionals

Leave your rockers to us. Our team will remove and replace your rocker arm assemblies.


For guide work, we'll install valve guides and guide liners. We use brands like K-Line.


Choose us for seat work. You can have us handle the installation of hard seats and custom seats, as well as cut and grind seats.

Cylinder head work

  • Cleaning

  • Glass beading

  • Vacuum check

  • Pressure test

  • Resurface

Inspection package:

  • Magnaflux

  • Hot tank

  • Furnace and shot

  • Decking

  • Bore hone

  • Align hone

Blocks and machine work:

  • Align honing of main bearing journals

  • Sleeve installation

  • Cam bearing removal

  • Cam bearing replacement

  • Freeze plug installation

  • Clearance block


The professional machinists at American & Import Engines handle machine cleaning, cylinder heads, and blocks. Count on our over 30 years of experience for great work.

Machine cleaning

Cylinder head services:

  • Pressure testing and Magnaflux for crack inspection

  • Adjusting valves and pucks

  • Surface and mill cylinder heads

  • Reface and polish valves

  • Cylinder head porting

  • Vacuum testing

  • Furnace and shot

Call for FREE estimates:


  • Hot tank

  • Glass beading

  • Valve jobs

  • Spring setup

  • Parts swap

  • Straightening

  • Crack repair

Enjoy meticulous machine cleaning services from us:

  • Hot tank

  • Shot peening

  • Glass beading