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Leave your rockers to us. Our team will remove and replace your rocker arm assemblies.


For guide work, we'll install valve guides and guide liners. We use brands like K-Line.


Choose us for seat work. You can have us handle the installation of hard seats and custom seats, as well as cut and grind seats.

Cylinder head work

  • Cleaning

  • Glass beading

  • Vacuum check

  • Pressure test

  • Resurface

Inspection package:

  • Magnaflux

  • Hot tank

  • Furnace and shot

  • Decking

  • Bore hone

  • Align hone

Blocks and machine work:

  • Align honing of main bearing journals

  • Sleeve installation

  • Cam bearing removal

  • Cam bearing replacement

  • Freeze plug installation

  • Clearance block


The professional machinists at American & Import Engines handle machine cleaning, cylinder heads, and blocks. Count on our over 30 years of experience for great work.

Machine cleaning

Cylinder head services:

  • Pressure testing and Magnaflux for crack inspection

  • Adjusting valves and pucks

  • Surface and mill cylinder heads

  • Reface and polish valves

  • Cylinder head porting

  • Vacuum testing

  • Furnace and shot

  • Hot tank

  • Glass beading

  • Valve jobs

  • Spring setup

  • Parts swap

  • Straightening

  • Crack repair

Enjoy meticulous machine cleaning services from us:

  • Hot tank

  • Shot peening

  • Glass beading

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